About Us

Welcome to FreeDivePhoto.com, a website created to share our passion for breathless photography, our love of tropical coral reefs and all that dwell there.

We are John & Lynette Flynn, a full-time live-aboard cruising couple that have been blessed with the opportunity to spend many years sailing our boat White Hawk around the Pacific Islands exploring some of the most isolated and pristine coral reefs on our planet. We have a dive compressor and SCUBA gear on-board, but we have found the freedom of free-diving so compelling that we rarely drag out the gear to SCUBA dive. We are also avid amateur underwater photographers with the desire to capture and share images of the astounding beauty and mind-blowing flora and fauna of the tropical coral reefs.

SCUBA diving is an exciting pursuit that opens up an amazing world unimagined above the surface of the sea, but SCUBA diving is an equipment-intensive activity and underwater photography is also equipment-intensive. Put the two together and it can take many hours of preparation and post-dive gear cleaning for an hour or two spent in the water. With free diving photography you still have the camera, but you can shed the SCUBA rig, the camera strobes, and still capture captivating images while spending 6 to 7 hours a day in tropical water, We are certainly not advocating that anyone give up their SCUBA gear or that free dive photography is “better” or a “purer pursuit” than underwater photography with underwater breathing. There are definitely lots of shots you simply will not be able to capture adequately while free-diving. Professional, deep water cave shots with remote lighting for example, are out of the realm of reality for free dive photos. Underwater breathing photography and breathless photography are both rewarding pursuits, each with their advantages and disadvantages. That said, our life ethos is one of minimalist simplicity and an attitude that “less is more.” Free dive photography fits our approach to life in general and for anyone as enthralled as we are with the abundance, diversity, and amazing beauty of life on the coral reefs, a lifetime could be spent free diving in 1 to 10 meters pursuing breathless photography without ever running out of exciting and captivating subject matter.

We hope you enjoy our photo galleries. All below-surface images were captured while breath-hold diving.